When I first started out in the hospitality industry, my passion for conceptual event design rapidly translated into food: fussing different flavors, using locally-sourced ingredients and creating eye-catching meal presentations slowly materialized into a promise, a business model which gave birth to Foodesign Conceptual Events.
Nevertheless, opening an event planning company in such a highly saturated market as is the New York market was rather challenging. We were small, untested, a David in a field of Goliaths. We had our rough patches, but we moved forward and focused on offering something intangible, something more than just pretty dishes and fancy decorations. We offered hard work, and dedication.
Slowly but steadily, connections were made, and valuable partnerships were formed. We started getting excellent reviews and positive feedback which gave us the impetus to turn hard work and dedication into a booming full-service event planning company. We now serve customers all over the Tri-state area and are thrilled to be a part of the eco-friendly, local farming and green movement wings of the event industry.
I sincerely hope that you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Raul Gamboa

Event planner/Founder

Raul Gamboa is an entrepreneur and dedicated to building new goals every day.
Being the youngest of 7 siblings in the family, and with the nurturing strength of his parents who kept their marriage for 52 years and gave an example of overcoming and stability.
Raul Gamboa decided to emigrate to the United States leaving his native Colombia and his studies in Industrial Chemistry and Industrial engineering to undertake a new challenge in his life. With enthusiasm and dedication, he began to work in the hospitality industry where he had the opportunity to meet new friends with great wisdom in the area and guided him to empower himself in the event industry.
This is how Raul Gamboa obtains his certificate as an event planner and had the great opportunity to work together with his mentors, as a decorator, and event planner, Raul build a great passion for his work.
In the way of his career in the hospitality industry, He has the opportunity to plan different high-end events. Where, with the help of his mentors, He began working as a freelance event planner in 2005 and organized many events in the tri-state area, which would lead to the creation of Foodesign Conceptual Events.

Raul Gamboa
Founder – FDCE

Associates & Staff

Fooddesign Conceptal Events


Planning an event is no easy matter; it takes time, knowledge, networking and patience, we have been doing it for years and we know the hard work that requires.
FDCE can point you in the right direction, help you to organize your ideas and set a schedule for a proper plan.
You just need to let us take over and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Either way, we’ve got your back.

We deal with:

Offering you the best food options depending on the type of event.
Design a menu according to your event.
If you do not know where to celebrate the event, we take care of finding the ideal place adapted to your needs.
Of course, you will have the opportunity to decide with us and put all the necessary guidelines so that we can meet your requirements.


We want to
hear from you.

You’ll be working in a fast, creative, collaborative and ever-changing work environment, alongside fun-loving and hard working people. We’ve structured ourselves to recognize bright, and talented individuals and we treat them as such. We believe in growing together and love promoting from within. See our open positions below!

  • • Event Planner
  • • Event Sales Rep
  • • Event Chef
  • • Bartenders
  • • Waitstaff
  • • Capitans


• Flexible Schedule
• Punctuality is a must
• Follows and executes captains’ and event managers’ instructions
• Did we mention punctuality is important?
• Positive and cordial attitude
• Bartending experience needed
• Must display team-player mentality and have a positive attitude
• Awesome communicator who can speak with easy to the features and benefits of our event services.

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With clients like these, who needs friends?

Over the years, we’ve had the great fortune to collaborate and partner with amazing brands and companies who have strengthened and motivated us to work harder and push our creative boundaries. We are looking forward to many more future and successful endeavors!

Client's feedback

“I have hired Raul many times for over 15 years to plan and implement many parties at my home, more recently my wedding. Every party has been better then the last. Moreover, many of my family and friends have since hired him, after seeing what he can achieve in my home, to create events for them.” –Peter Steinman

“Raul, what a lovely evening and people left at 10:30pm! The last person at nearly 11pm. We were tired so glad through everything was really nice, thanks!” –Jody Falco

“When it comes to events (of any kind) from conceptualization to implementation, there is no one better than Raul. His uninhibited professionalism, dedicated work ethic and superlative organization and creativity ensure that you are always in the best of hands. I have never been anything less than thoroughly impressed with his events, staff and food services. He is a true genius of his craft!” – Tristan Vaughan

“I’m a big fan of Raul Gamboa and his staff from Foodesign Conceptual Events. I have hosted several themed parties and a couple of intimate dinners at home and the results have been outstanding. The decor, the food, the signature drinks, the music, the service has been nothing short of spectacular. He focuses his creative energy in making it a unique and memorable event. Gamboa also pays close attention to every detail before, during and event after the event by making sure the place is left spotless. One of the things I love about Gamboa and his staff is that they completely manage the event, freeing the host of any responsibilities so that he or she can fully enjoy the occasion. Gamboa’s talent and experience with event planning makes him truly stand out in his industry” – Liana Davila

“Raul has unsurpassed energy, poise and graciousness in overseeing events. He is as tactful with clients as he is with colleagues and can always be trusted to keep everyone happy and to execute an event of any size flawlessly. Highly recommended” –Yael Peres

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a good reception last night. Everyone has been raving about how good it was.” – Debra Olchick


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